Aaron Wall reports from the SMX conference on an easy way to turn off personalized Google results. You need to be signed-in to your Google Google launched the personalized search feature which is different for every user. Here's how you can turn off Google's personalized search results. Go to Google search and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click Search settings. If you dont want to add the parameter manually, use this browser bookmarklet (courtesy of Google System Blog): Turn off Google personalization. Ever get the feeling that the search results Google displays seem to include the websites you often frequent? Is this the future of search? This is the part we came here to see. They know the sites you are been on and the search queries you enter into Google. 2. Here I show you two quick and easy ways to search Google without any personalization using the Google Chrome browser. This will show you how to turn off Google personalized search so you can see what the public sees when searching for your target keywords. [Continue reading How to Turn Off Personalized Search in Google Chrome] Graywolf's SEO Blog. Just click to turn off private results and it will disable them for your account, at least so long as Google doesnt reset your settings at some point. You cannot simply log out of your Google account to avoid Personalized Search. To browse the web more privately, you can use private browsing, sign out of your account, change your custom results settings, or delete past activity. If you have a Google account and youre logged in when searching, simply click on the globe icon located in the top right corner of your browser. For a signed in users, they need to turn off Search History to avoid personalized effects on his computer. The key to turning off Google Inc.'s search personalization features is to turn off Googles ability to capture and store all your search queries. 1. Disable Google Searching History ; The above four methods are enough to free your computer from getting results with past browsing influences. ... Can you just turn it off? The page will now reload with Instant Search turned off. This will allow you to see the version of search results. Turning off Google Personalized Search Results depends on whether you are signed-in or Signed-out. ... To turn off personalized search you need to Go to Google History Web Page. For those unfamiliar with how personalized search works, see my Google Search History Expands, Becomes Web History. To know about it and how to disable this feature on a laptop, click on the link below. Information on how to disable Google's Personalized Search for signed out users, and hints on what to do for signed in users. Make sure to do this for every Google account you use, if you have more than one. At SMX Matt Cutts said you can turn Google's personalized web search results off by adding &pws=0 to the URL of a search query. The key is to type in a search first to get to the Results Page. At SMX Matt Cutts said you can turn Google's personalized web search results off by adding &pws=0 to the URL of a search query. In fact, for some reason and without any modification to !please turn off this google custom search.... Re: ... it automatically opens with "custom search". Google Global This add-on for Firefox adds the pws=0 parameter (this parameter tells Google not to show personalized results) to a Google search and attempts to show results from other geographic locations. In order to stop Personalized Search you need to turn Web History off. Please help !!!! Result opening. Home Blog SEO for Beginners Tip: Remove Google Search Personalization and Localization from Results.

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