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Before window cleaners, waterproof technicians, electricians, metal refinishers, or any technician of a specific trade can suspend down or utilize a scaffold on the side of a building, the tie-backs, anchors, davit arms, and/or the permanent scaffold is required to be certified. All buildings 5 stories or higher must have a log book containing this certification with a detailed report for authorities to view if they asked for it. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) developed this Standard not only to protect the workers who utilize this equipment to perform their job, but to also protect the general public around them while they are doing the work.

Accidents happen every day and if something happens to a technician on the side of your building which results in injury or death, an investigation will be conducted. Having an up-to-date certification of tie-backs, davit arms, anchors, or scaffolds can ultimately keep the building from being liable to for the accident. This shows authorities that the components of the building which the technician was using did not cause the accident to happen, and that those components have been properly inspected and certified for technicians to use.

Tie-backs, davit arms, and anchors must be certified annually by a certified company such as April Building Services. Every 10 years these components must be certified by a professional engineer specializing in structural components of buildings to ensure the integrity of these tie-backs, davit arms, and anchors are safe to continue to use. However, permanent scaffolds on top of buildings must be inspected monthly while they are being utilized. This is because these scaffolds are always exposed to the elements and can deteriorate over time. Certifying these each month shows in the log book that the scaffold is still in sound condition and it could potentially catch a small fix before it turns into something much worse, costing much more money than to have simply fixed it.

With our Founder, Bill Ferguson, who served on the IWCA – A120 committee which wrote these Standards, April Building Services is dedicated to the safety of their employees as well as the safety of general public. Check out the services we offer below which are specifically meant to help keep your building in compliance and help provide the necessary documentation or equipment you need for your building.

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Inspection & Certifications of Existing Systems

  • Roof-Powered Systems
  • Self-Powered Systems
  • Davit Systems
  • Safety Tie-Back Systems

New System Installations

  • Rigging and Containment Systems
  • Safety Tie-Back Systems
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