We offer full-time window cleaning services

April Building Services Inc. is the industry leader in high-rise window cleaning services in North Texas. Our commitment to safety and quality ensures superior window cleaning on properties ranging from the tallest high-rise buildings to the smallest low-rise buildings in Dallas. From heavy duty cleaning to regular routine cleaning, April Building Services is ready to take on the job for you. Bill Ferguson, Founder of April Building Services Inc., served on the Committee which wrote American National Standards Institute (ANSI) I14.1 Window Cleaning Safety, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time when you choose April Building Services.
We are committed to providing window cleaning services with suspended scaffolds, ground scaffolds, bosuns chairs, man lifts, and scissor lifts – there is virtually nowhere that our team can’t reach. We ensure each and every window cleaning service complies with all OSHA and ANSI standards to not only protect the safety of everyone around, but also to protect you in case of an accident. With our commitment to safety and service at April Building Services, we will leave your building looking amazing while keeping everyone safe in the process!

Window Cleaning Services We Offer


Routine Window Cleaning

We can clean the windows of your buildings and/or properties on a reoccurring basis – we will work with you to plan a schedule specifically to your needs.


Heavy Duty Window Cleaning

Has it been quite a while since your building or property has had its windows cleaned? Is a nearby tree dripping sap down your windows? Our heavy duty window cleaning service is meant precisely for those dirty and hard-to-clean windows.


Mineral Deposits, Precast Panel, & Limestone Deposits Removal (Water Spots)

Mineral deposits commonly seen on windows are the result of calcium carbonate. This buildup is left behind over a period of time from things such as rain and sprinkler systems. If the mineral deposits are not tended to by a professional, your windows will likely begin to corrode and result in an expensive window replacement.

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